#1 Testosyn, 1 of a Kind Extreme Muscle Building Supplement!


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This product is clearly effective. I don’t know how many people have actually used it. But for me, I experienced an increase in sex drive, and it helped me to build muscle.

- Boris 8/15/2010
Testosyn works! I have been on it for about a week so far, and I can already see the difference. My muscles have become harder and they’re starting to grow bigger.

- Justin Long 11/16/2010

This Best Selling Testosterone Booster has been recognized for its award winning formulation featuring 9 scientifically backed ingredients designed to boost your natural production of testosterone. Testosyn will help you take your muscle building, sculpting, and strengthening to the next level. Testosyn’s extreme testosterone boosting formula can help promote protein synthesis and the progression of protein tissues. You will see improved strength, muscle mass, athletic performance and surging energy levels.

#2 Alpha T-1, #1 Rated Powerful Testosterone Booster!

Alpha T1

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My body type is naturally thinner, and I have a hard time bulking up. But Alpha T-1 has made it reasonably easier for me to get the look I want plus amazing increase in strength was a huge plus.

- Mike R. 1/12/2010 11:03 AM
Alpha T-1 is the best workout supplement I have ever used. It has worked out really well, and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Al S. 1/12/2010 1:02 PM

By using 8 clinically tested testosterone boosting ingredients, Alpha T-1 is considered the safest and most powerful testosterone booster available! Boost your testosterone levels and help your body build better and leaner muscle mass with Alpha T-1. Users love the improved muscle mass and energy levels, increased metabolism, and heighted strength. Many users have also stated better overall health and a boost to your sex drive!

#3 Top Sellers Kit – Best Available Price!

best testosterone supplements

#4 T-Up Black, Meanest, Strongest, and Baddest Testosterone Boosters!

T-Up Black

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I take this stuff every morning and it gives me the needed pump when I work out and I recover so much faster after!

- Kyle Everrtt 04/11/2009
I was worried after reading their advertising that this product might be too powerful but it has been working great so far!

- Cregin 10/03/2010

As one of the top rated testosterone boosters available, T-UP Black uses scientific studies to back up its testosterone boosting abilities to give you the most powerful increase to testosterone levels available throughout the world! T-UP gives you an intense testosterone surge to aid you in getting big and powerful muscles. T-UP is the absolute best choice for PCT use because it can raise endogenous testosterone levels!

#5 Vitrix, Super-Charged Sex Drive Enhancement!


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I saw a difference within 2-3 days; seriously a very noticable difference.

- MJ
Was a bit skeptical but for the price it is worth it!

- Larry1242

Vitrix is the strongest, charge-up male sex drive enhancement product you could ever hope to get! With the superior technology of the liquid formed capsules, Vitrix is the fastest-absorbing male enhancement formual on the market! Feel safe in knowing that Vitrix has been a hugely popular male enhancement formula for over 7 years, and is so popular because it helps you get in the mood. Vitrix is the best answer for your sex drive!

#6 Blue Up, Effective for Strength and Muscle Mass Gains!

Blue Up

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Raised my natural testosterone levels 378%. I had it tested before and after by my physiciam it’s 100% legit.

- Reak
One of the few supplements that I have come across over the years that I have actually re-ordered. BLUE UP is very effective and I suggest it to all my gym buddies, whom all get good results as well.

- Shane

Get the full use and benefits of your body’s own testosterone by turning it into the “right” testosterone with Blue Up. Most men have plenty of testosterone in their system, but it’s usually not in the right form. Free testosterone is the most effective at helping build muscles, and keeping the sex drive pumped up. However, The Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) keeps your body’s testosterone bound up and unavailable for use. But Blue Up helps your body produce more free testosterone and at the same time, helps free up testosterone already existing.

#7 HyperTest, The Testosterone Boosting, Muscle Building Formula!


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My testosterone was at an all time low . So I purchased a bottle of this stuff and in about a week I was back to normal if not above normal .. GOOD STUFF!

- tjacted
I took it like it says on the bottle for a minimum of 8 weeks, and I can’t say anything bad about it..

- RunLikeLee

Hypertest uses an extremely comprehensive boosting complex to help you see the highest testosterone level and anabolic response yet. Empower your body and help give it the best effects testosterone can offer. Define the new you with Hypertest. It can help you create leaner mass, more strength, and a healthier and more vigorous sex drive.

#8 T-Bomb II, Manipulate Hormones and Build Testosterone!

T-Bomb II

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I am now on my second use of T Bomb. This is by far the best natural test booster I have ever taken, and I have tried a lot.

- stevekiel
Over all I liked this product. I did see better gains and more defined pumps.

- good2go

T-Bomb II helps you get the best anabolic effects from testosterone by a new system known as the “Underground Network of ‘True Hormonal Manipulation and Testosterone Enhancement.” T-Bomb II’s scientifically advanced proprietary 5 Phase Male Hormone Optimizing Complex is infused with powerful ingredients to help you achieve the new hormonal manipulation which will help build and bulk up your muscles by cranking up the testosterone! T-Bomb II is a powerful boost to testosterone levels in your body to increase muscle mass and strength, improve your body’s fat mobilization and decrease the amount of stored fat.

#9 Stratos, Make Your Sex Life Scorching Hot!


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This stuff actually works really well. Very fast actually compared to pills and creams. Startos has brough my s e x life back to life. Literally. I highly recommend it.

- Ken
Great fast working product. I like that it is in liquid form and so I feel it works faster than a pill!

- Jon D.

Get your sex drive up and powered and into the stratosphere with this new synergistic combination of herbs and elements formatted to quickly be absorbed and to significantly improve your libido and sexual performance. Stratos gives back your confidence lost by age and uses a testosterone serum with absolute bioavailability—with no side effects! Aging sadly decreases sexual drive and decreasing hormonal levels, but Stratos helps give it all back to help you feel younger and more vigorous than ever!

#10 Hardcore Test, the Most Powerful Testosterone Booster Yet!

Hardcore Test

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This was probably the best PH I ever took..I only did 2 cycles and I’m very satisfied with it!

- mattharhad
I loved this im on my 2nd bottle, i am eating a ton but i put on about 20lbs on the first bottle and 13 on my second. I am about 255lbs and have been lifting for about 12 years.

- jmazzaiii

Hardcore Test is one of the strongest testosterone elevators and estrogen blockers on the market. And the best part is—it’s completely safe and all-natural. Leave the estrogen to the women and keep it from forming in your body by spiking up your testosterone. Designed to naturally lift and raise your testosterone levels, the proprietary ingredients within Hardcore Test are meant to increase your athletic performance, help you build stronger and leaner muscles, improve your recovery time, and significantly increase your sex drive.

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