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A good workout can take a turn for the worse when fatigue hits because your muscles are tired and your strength takes a toll. When you use a creatine supplement, you can fight back against fatigue and accelerate muscle recovery allowing you to reach your fitness goals faster. To maximize your potential a creatine supplement helps you increase muscle strength, performance and lean muscle mass. Decacor is a creatine supplement with ten different types of creatine proven to help both athletes and bodybuilders alike. Give yourself a winning edge with Decacor by providing your body exactly the energy it needs for hard core sessions at the gym.

Get the Energy and Keep it!

Creatine may occur naturally in your body, but supplementing creatine saturates your muscles for an immediate supply of energy. With Decacor you have an extreme source of power. With ten different types of creatine Decacor gives you explosive energy.

The different varieties of creatine in Decacor is for pure potency and fast absorption to give you the ability to push harder during every workout. Decacor gives you the creatine you need to improve muscular strength, delay fatigue, enhance endurance, hydrate muscles and increase recovery rates.

A creatine supplement can help you gain muscle mass almost two to three times more than just a traditional high-protein diet. Decacor helps you increase muscle mass in two direct ways. First the creatine helps your muscle cells and muscles retain water. The water retention creates a fuller appearance to the muscle and may assist with protein synthesis as well as inhibit protein breakdown.

Decacor also has the ability to meet your energy needs to ensure optimal performance. Decacor helps your body produce additional ATP so your workouts can be longer and more intense without fatigue.

Each serving of Decacor is beyond the basics. Decacor offers better creatine transport, uptake and effectiveness for lean body mass and recovery. The following formula is a pure creatine blend including:


2CM Di-Creatine: 2CM Di-Creatine is a more absorbable form of creatine that helps increase your endurance for improved athletic performance during training and workouts. Clinical studies have shown that 2CM Di-Creatine replenishes ATP to maximize the body’s natural energy source. Compared to creatine monohydrate, Di-Creatine has better bioavailability. The same studies suggest Di-Creatine plays a role in increased muscle mass, cell volumization and strength.


Creapure: Creapure is a premium and pure brand of creatine used worldwide as an effective and safe way to promote muscle growth. Creapure helps regenerate ATP in your body for an instant energy source for your muscles. Creapure also happens to be rich in creatine esters which are proven to be one of the keys to lean muscle mass and muscle recovery.


Creatine Anhydrous: Creatine Anhydrous is a form of creatine monohydrate without water molecules, meaning it can provide up to 6% more pure creatine per serving than creatine monohydrate. With higher potency, Creatine Anhydrous easily demonstrates the effects of other forms of creatine like more muscle building power and better results from your workouts.


Creatine Alpha Ketoglutarate: Creatine Alpha Ketoglutarate shuttles more creatine directly into your muscle cells resulting in higher creatine concentration in your muscles. With a higher concentration of creatine in your muscles, you will experience a surge in strength which translates into muscle growth. Transporting creatine directly into your muscles with Creatine Alpha Ketoglutarate also pulls more water inside cells stimulating protein synthesis for muscle fiber growth.


Creatine Citrate: One of the main benefits of Creatine Citrate is its water solubility. Creatine Citrate dissolves easily for greater muscle energy. One study observing the effects of Creatine Citrate verse Creatine Pyruvate reported Creatine Citrate as a more effective way to achieve your fitness goals.


Tri-Creatine Malate: Tri-Creatine Malate combines malic acid alongside creatine monohydrate allowing this form of creatine to promote better endurance, strength and focus to maximize performance and promote lean body mass. Tri-Creatine Malate is also water-soluble so it absorbs quickly for faster results and avoids causing water retention or bloating.

Q. How long will a bottle of Decacor last?

A. Each bottle of Decacor has 30 servings. When taken as directed, Decacor should last 30 days.

Q. When should I expect to see results with Decacor?

A. Muscle development is dependent on workout routines and schedules, so results tend to vary per individual. Most people tend to experience results with Decacor within the first week of use.

Q. Is there anything I can do to optimize results with Decacor?

A. Decacor is a creatine supplement specifically engineered to amplify your regular workout routine. With daily physical activity and a proper diet, the benefits of Decacor will be more profound.

Q. What makes Decacor better than alternative creatine supplements?

A. Decacor offers ten different pure forms of creatine, some of which have patents. Decacor delivers potent and fast absorbing creatine to ignite your workouts to help you gain lean muscle mass.

Q. How Much is Decacor?

A. Decacor originally retails for $79.95 but it is offered for the low price of $28.49 exclusively to you.

Q. When will I get my order?

A. All orders ship within one business day. Delivery time depends on the shipping method you chose. We offer FedEx and USPS for domestic orders and FedEx for international orders. For delivery times and cost, add an item to the shopping cart and enter your zip code.

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Decacor Reviews
Cant find much info on this stuff
posted by: Can't find any other reviews!!??

I’v bought this stuff on pure hope that it works. No other well known supplement websites have any reviews…… I hope this stuff is as good as the website says.

Great Supplement
posted by: Gary

Worked for me.

works plain and simple
posted by: Todd Reaves

This stuff works, it’s that simple. I have rock hard muscle, my workouts have basically doubled, and I am lifting more and doing more reps every day. My recovery is so much easier after using Decacor.

good for post workout
posted by: Travis L

This is excellent for post workout recovery. I have been using it for a while, and it really increases your hardness and makes you feel amazing. I haven’t had to deal with the bloating or diarrhea i have had before either.

strength went through the roof
posted by: Todd

My strength went straight through the roof after I started using this stuff. I feel awesome, and my muscle growth is absolutely amazing.

good for women
posted by: Louisa

This stuff is actually pretty good for women. I have found that every time I take it, I have been able to get some pretty good workouts, including cardio, and I have been able to avoid bulking up too much by choosing my workouts.

matches the reviews
posted by: Marlene Griggs

This is a great product. It has a great taste, and it has definitely met the reviews that i have seen. I have noticed that Decacor has a pretty good name behind it, and it has been better than other products I have used in the past. I would take a multivitamin with it, but outside of that, it’s good.

could tell the difference immediately
posted by: Aaron Parkins

I have been using this for about a month already, and I have way more energy. I could tell the difference after the first week in every workout, and I had way less soreness and way more energy, and it has shown itself in my muscle growth.

have been using consistently
posted by: James Halter

I have been using this pretty consistently for a while, and it is definitely paying off, finally. I have tried plenty of other similar products without getting anything that I thought I would. So far, Decacor has been the only one that has helped me with what I needed.

2 months
posted by: R Skelly

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now, and I feel great. It has really helped me to get more muscle definition, and I feel amazing. I have way more energy and I’m not as sore.

the best creatine
posted by: Steve N

This is by far the best creatine I have ever used. Ever since I started using it, I feel awesome and I have way more strength. If you haven’t taken Decacor already, you should definitely do it.

using this with my bowflex
posted by: Patrick Landa

I just got a bowflex a while ago, and the first few days on that were really hard. I started using Decacor, and the difference was evident from the very first time I used it.

best creatine product ever!
posted by: Joe B

This is the best creatine product I have ever used! Since I started using Decacor, it has definitely helped me to increase my energy and protect my muscle mass.

been using for 4 weeks now
posted by: J Wilkerson

I have seen some major results ever since I started using Decacor. Decacor has definitely helped to increase my energy levels, and I feel amazing.

have gained 5 pounds of muscle so far
posted by: Wayne Hammon

So far, I have been able to gain 5 full pounds of rock hard muscle. I feel amazing, and I can definitely tell that I have more strength.

45 and getting amazing
posted by: Robert Ake

I am in the best shape of my life, and right now, I am 45 years old! Since I started using Decacor, I have felt incredible every step of the way, and I have not had any of the problems that I used to.

no bloating
posted by: Joe Packard

This is the only creatine I have found so far that doesn’t cause any bloating. It makes me feel great, and it really does the job well, but there is no bloating.

great complement to my workout
posted by: Christopher Henley

This has been a great complement to my workout. It has helped me to get quite a few of the benefits I couldn’t get on my own, and it actually goes down pretty easy.

major muscle hardness
posted by: Anthony

I have been using Decacor for a while now and I have achieved major muscle hardness. I have a lot of strength and I feel awesome!

stuff really works
posted by: Curtis

This stuff really works, and it has really helped me. You just don’t realize how good a product can be until you’ve used something like this. I have been able to get some pretty incredible results, and I am way impressed.

barely sore anymore
posted by: Dennis Haydon

I have only been using Decacor for 3 days now, but I can already tell that I am working out harder and I am barely sore anymore. My muscles feel great and I can definitely feel the difference.

gained 10 pounds of lean muscle
posted by: Pat Mcnulty

I have gained 10 pounds of lean muscle since I started using Decacor. It really gets going, and it increases your strength. The biggest thing I noticed immediately is that it reduced my soreness. It definitely works.

took me a while
posted by: Rosa Garth

It took me a while to get these results, but I have gained a lot of muscle now. I feel awesome, and it has really helped me to get lean and more toned than I used to be.

heard great things about it
posted by: Kristy Matias

I heard great stuff about this, and I didn’t know what I should really believe. My bench press went way up in just a few weeks, and it has gone up even more since. I have noticed some huge results since I started using this stuff, and it is pretty epic.

serious increase in weight and reps
posted by: Harry Snook

Since I started using this stuff, I have had serious increases in energy, strength, and I have lifted way more weight and with more reps.

recovery was way faster
posted by: Ada Neville

My recovery was way faster after using Decacor. it has definitely helped me in every way I can think of to get what i was hoping for. I have more muscle, and i have more energy. I feel awesome!

gained fat
posted by: Marino

I didn’t expect to gain fat when I used this. I was always bloated, and it was definitely not what i wanted.

works, plain and simple
posted by: Nicholas Weems

This stuff works, it’s really just that simple. Ever since I started using it, I feel great and I have been getting some pretty incredible results. My muscles are way harder than they have been in a while, and it has definitely helped me

a little too hard on my stomach
posted by: Eleanor Suttles

this stuff was a little too hard on my stomach, it really made it upset. But outside of that, my runs were amazing, I have been able to start lifting weights after when before my muscles were already too tired. Now, I can keep going and it has really made a difference.

not so impressive
posted by: Ronald Madore

I have been using this for a while, and i haven’t seen a single increase in muscle mass. I wasn’t expecting much, just something

consistently working out
posted by: Michael Olive

I have been consistently working out for a while, and I have been doing all that I’m supposed to along the way. Decacor has helped me to get some pretty awesome workouts, better than I thought I could anymore.

posted by: Kristi

Decacor is absolutely excellent. it has helped me in a lot of ways, and I haven’t actually had any stomach upset that I expected along the way.

training harder
posted by: Harold Olivier

I have really been training harder ever since I started using Decacor. it’s amazing stuff.

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